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Snow Cones

With a commitment to excellence that has lasted three decades, Red Hot Restaurant Equipment has been selling reliable, reasonably-priced equipment to businesses big and small around the country. Among our more popular products is the snow cone maker. Schools, movie theatres and small business owners love what this one small machine can do for their bottom lines. People of all ages respond excitedly when presented with the opportunity to consume something cold, sweet and fun once the temperature begins rising. With summer fast approaching, the clamoring is about to begin. We carry the snow cone machines themselves, as well as many attachments. If you’d like to traverse the coastline with a new, state-of-the-art snow cone cart, for example, we can help. We sell a variety of sizes at abundantly reasonable prices. They’ll keep your product cold and firm, just the way your customers like.

You add the color and sweetening and see what happens. Kids and adults both will appreciate the taste and time it affords them to bond with one another. You will appreciate how increasingly well regarded your business soon becomes. Say you run a small deli and want to be able to offer your customers a snow cone once they’ve enjoyed a delicious sandwich. We can help then, too. We have in stock no less than Paragon, one of the industry’s leading brands, to show off to your customers. With powerful yet simultaneously efficient motors and sharp blades, these machines will be able to provide countless snow cones for your customers to delight in. Again, all you have to do is add the flavoring of your choice and ice. After that, just sit back and watch your profits increase steadily. Take comfort in the products you purchase from us. Our machines have stood the test of time. With well over 70 years of research and improvements, they’re ready to meet the vigorous demands of your thriving business.

Trust this product, as well as all of our others ones, to work when you need them to, day in and day out. Because we care deeply about making each experience each customer has with our company the best possible, we try to ensure our products can be shipped quickly—usually within just one day. But that is not where our commitment ends. We recognize you can purchase the products of your choosing at countless other retail stores. We want to exceed your expectations. Call us with any questions you have—at our expense. Our number is 866.945.9993. We will answer gladly each of your inquiries in the hopes that you are happy and confident with the product you are about to purchase. Orders can be placed each day during business hours. Of course, we accept all major credit cards. We do everything we can to facilitate what can sometimes be an intimidating process. You want to be certain you’re spending your hard-earned money at a place of business that understands fully your value as a customer.