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Shaved Ice Machines

Shaved ice, also called a snow cone, is a popular form of refreshment, especially during the hot summer months. Everyone loves them, but they are especially popular with kids, and they are surprisingly easy to make with good shaved ice machines. You can purchase cheap shaved ice machines from almost any national retailer, but they don't tend to last; motors overheat, blades break, and it is difficult or impossible to find replacement parts. Fortunately, retailers like Red Hot Restaurant Equipment carry sturdy, long-lasting shaved ice machines for both personal and professional use, and sell them for a reasonable price. FMA manufactures one of the less expensive shaved ice machines sold by Red Hot Restaurant Equipment, at just over $100, but its low price tag is not reflected in the quality of the machine.

The body of the machine is constructed of durable plastic and anodized aluminum, and the bowl is stainless steel, which makes the parts both long-lasting and easy to clean. FMA's machine produces approximately ninety-five pounds of shaved ice per hour, which makes it ideal for families, or even large parties, but it is a bit too small for commercial use. The blades are adjustable, which means that the machine is great for making not only snow cones, but also frozen drinks. For those who are willing to spend a bit more on their shaved ice machines, Red Hot Restaurant Equipment offers the Little Snowie. Priced at approximately $300, this little powerhouse is affordable for personal or family use, but its heavy-duty commercial motor makes it able to handle heavy residential and light commercial usage. The Little Snowie snow cone maker is designed to produce anywhere between thirty and fifty snow cones per day, and uses regular cubed or crushed ice, so there is no need to deal with bulky ice blocks. The cone topper design ensures that every snow cone made with the Little Sno

wie will be topped with a perfectly-formed snowball; the machine also comes with accessories like syrups, pour spouts, and dust and flip-top caps, so that when you are ready to use the Little Snowie, all you need to add is ice. One of the best shaved ice machines available for commercial use is the Sno-Wiz, manufactured by SnoWizard for Paragon. This machine's cutting blades are made from anti-corrosive, high-carbon stainless steel, so they stay sharp and are unlikely to break. The durable, unibody welded construction of the machine itself ensures that it will stand up to years of use, cleaning and moving. The machined aluminum cutting head has three blades, which means that the shaved ice will be fluffy and fine, and the blades are able to rotate swiftly and smoothly thanks to the stainless steel bearings (a system that is exclusive to the Sno-Wiz and other SnoWizard products). The machine is priced at around $1200, but its ease of use, durability and consistently high-quality product makes it well worth the cost for professional and commercial use. Red Hot Restaurant Equipment carries all three of these snow cone machines, in addition to many others. They also carry replacement parts, such as blades. You can visit their website,, to see all that they have to offer, and obtain information about shipping and other policies.