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Popcorn Machine

Mention the phrase “popcorn machine” and watch smiles form on the faces of those who hear you. Who doesn’t love watching popcorn pop away in a popcorn machine? Ask a kid to watch and you’ll see the fascination in his eyes; it’s riveting. A popcorn machine does the seemingly impossible; it transforms teeny, lethargic-looking kernels of corn into (relatively speaking, of course) big, white, salty, buttery bits of goodness! Try chewing on a little kernel and you’ll find yourself saddled with a thousand dollar bill from the dentist. Chew on a perfectly popped bit of popcorn done in one of our properly calibrated popcorn machines, on the other hand, and you’re in heaven. So if the popcorn machine brings about such joy to so many people, why not purchase your own? There’s nothing like being able to pop as much corn as you want on your own schedule.

Irrespective of your needs, whether you’re a small business owner, a concession stand owner, a movie theatre owner, or just a couple of average American parents who are looking to make perfect their recreation room for the kids and neighbors, buying a popcorn machine can make your place the most coveted destination on the entire block. When you visit our website,, you’ll notice a wide selection of the industry’s best popcorn machines. We only carry the good stuff. Anything else would be unthinkable given the clientele to which we cater. Find products made proudly here at home in America and backed by long, solid warranties. And find staff members who are well trained and informed to tell you everything you’d want to know about those high quality products before you buy them. We know popcorn machines are an investment for most people and businesses.

That’s why we take your business seriously. We want you to buy our products with the utmost confidence. Ask, ask and ask some more. We don’t mind one little bit. At Red Hot Restaurant Equipment, we want your customer service experience to be the finest without exception. So take a moment to give us a call. Our toll free number is the perfect (though not only) way to reach us with any questions you have. It’s 866.945.9333. We promise a high quality experience from start to finish. We’re pleased to be able to provide speedy shipping as well. For most of our products, including our state-of-the-art popcorn machines, we can ship in just a day. That alone puts us ahead of much of our competition. And you can count on substantial discounts when you patronize Red Hot Restaurant Equipment. It’s our way of conveying our gratitude for choosing our company over another. popcorn machines can turn otherwise boring weekends into some unprecedented family fun time—moments to which even your angst-filled teens will look forward to. Don’t miss out on the bonding and playfulness that often accompanies watching movies at home. No movie-watching evening would be complete without the popcorn machine. Butter and salt make everything better.