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Popcorn Maker

Popcorn has long been a staple of many different recreational activities. Almost everyone associates popcorn with going to the movie theater, but it is also popular at amusement parks, carnivals, parties and many other events. Many people purchase a professional popcorn maker for their own home. For those who are looking for a commercial-grade popcorn maker, or other food preparation products for their home or place of business, there are a variety of vendors such as Red Hot Restaurant Equipment that sell these machines at a reasonable cost. Cooking popcorn in a microwave, or anything less than a professional popcorn maker, can result in a product that is less than desirable. Problems that frequently occur as a result of substandard equipment include inconsistent popcorn volume, burned or unpopped kernels, or poor overall quality.

Red Hot Restaurant Equipment sells popcorn makers from several different manufacturers, and with different sizes and capacities to fit the needs of any of their customers, whether personal or commercial. Paragon is one of the most popular manufacturers of popcorn makers. Many of their popcorn maker models are constructed in two pieces: a base, or stand, and the glass cube in which the popcorn is popped and stored. The Thrifty Pop Popcorn Stand, for example, is made from sturdy commercial-grade steel, so that it won't break or rust. It has a red powder-coat finish, and an inner shelf for storing supplies. The matching popcorn popper is an iconic carnival-style popcorn maker, with tempered glass sides and an anodized aluminum kettle. Aluminum is one of the best metals to cook with, as it has a high heat transfer rate, and the anodized coating assures that the kettle can be simply wiped clean. The kettles of Paragon's popcorn makers are also side-hinged, meaning that they simply unlatch and swing down so that the entire inner surface of the kettle can be cleaned quickly.

This helps operators to clean off the carbon buildup that commonly occurs on equipment that cooks with oil, and helps to ensure that the machine will operate more efficiently, and that the popcorn it produces will taste better. The Thrifty series of popcorn makers is designed to produce the same high-quality product as more expensive models, while still offering a less expensive option for those who are budget-conscious or have limited funds. At just over $300, they are substantially less expensive than the professional-grade popcorn machines made by Paragon, which can cost up to $1500. The main difference between the two is the rate at which popcorn can be made; while the Thrifty popcorn makers will make approximately 92 ounces of popped corn per hour, the professional machines will produce 295 ounces about three times as much. They also tend to be significantly larger, and contain a heated warming deck for storing ready-to-serve containers of popcorn. Red Hot Restaurant Equipment is one company that carries both the Thrifty and professional series of popcorn makers, and everything in between the two. They also sell a variety of other food-service equipment, such as heated dispensers for popcorn toppings like butter and caramel. You can visit their website,, to see what they have to offer, and get more information about their shipping and policies.