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Popcorn Machines

People have been enjoying popcorn for centuries, as it is a cheap snack that is filling and easy to make. The first popcorn machines were invented in the late nineteenth century, and currently, Americans consume around 17.3 billion quarts of popcorn annually. Popcorn is typically associated with visits to the movie theater, but it is also quite popular at carnivals, amusement parks, private parties, and a variety of other events. Some people purchase popcorn machines for their own homes, while others go into business for themselves making and selling popcorn on street corners or in malls. Anyone who is looking for professional popcorn machines can find them available at various vendors, such as Red Hot Restaurant Equipment; such retailers sell the necessary equipment for a very reasonable price, and carry a variety of models to fit any budget or situation.

Microwave popcorn is fine for sitting at home and watching a movie, but it can often result in a product that is less than ideal. Burned or unpopped kernels, inconsistent popcorn volume, and poor overall quality are all problems that can occur as a result of making popcorn with substandard equipment. As a result, if you plan on having a party with lots of guests, or if you plan on making and selling popcorn, it's important to invest in a popcorn maker that will reliably produce high-quality product. One of the most popular manufacturers of popcorn machines is a company called Paragon. Paragon manufactures both one- and two-piece popcorn machines, in a variety of styles; some are countertop units, which can also be placed on top of a base, or stand. The stands are made from sturdy commercial-grade steel, so that they won't break or rust.

The red powder-coat finish is reminiscent of old-fashioned popcorn stands, and adds to the décor of the machine, while a hidden shelf offers a place to store popcorn-making supplies. The glass cubes that pop and store the popcorn are built in an iconic carnival style, with durable tempered-glass sides and tubing in the corners to protect the wiring and electric components from getting covered with oil or other debris. This helps to ensure that the popcorn machine will last longer, and also makes it easier to clean. The popping kettles are made from aluminum, because it has the best heat transfer rate of any metal, and the anodized coating makes it easy to simply wipe the kettle clean after use. Side hinges further improve the ease of caring for the kettles, as they are much more convenient and much quicker to clean than other types of kettles. More efficient cleaning means that your popcorn machines will last longer, and that they will make a better-tasting product. Red Hot Restaurant Equipment is one company that carries a variety of Paragon popcorn machines, including the Thrifty series (which makes 92 ounces per hour and starts at just over $300), and the Professional series (makes 295 ounces per hour and costs around $1500), as well as everything in between the two. They also sell a variety of other food-service equipment, such as heated dispensers for popcorn toppings like butter and caramel. You can visit their website,, to see what they have to offer, and get more information about their shipping and policies.