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Popcorn Machines For Sale

Popcorn is an inexpensive and filling snack that has been enjoyed for as long as 5,600 years. The late nineteenth century saw the invention of the earliest popcorn machines, and annually, Americans currently consume approximately 17.3 billion quarts of popcorn. Most people associate popcorn with going to the movies, but vendors commonly have popcorn for sale at carnivals and amusement parks, and some people purchase popcorn machines for their own use, at parties or at home. Regardless of the intended use, you can find a variety of popcorn machines for sale at vendors like Red Hot Restaurant Equipment. They sell poppers, heaters, condiment dispensers, stands and other equipment and supplies for a very reasonable price, and the variety of models they carry means that they have something for any purpose, and any budget.

For those who just want to have a snack while sitting at home and watching a movie, microwave popcorn is often sufficient, but everyone has had at least one bad experience with making microwave popcorn. Cooking the popcorn for too long results in burned, brittle popcorn, and not cooking it long enough means that you will have unpopped kernels and chewy popcorn. Poor overall quality, uneven cooking (unpopped kernels mixed with burnt ones) and inconsistent popcorn volume are other problems that can occur when using substandard equipment. Therefore, if you are having a gathering with many guests, or if you plan to have your popcorn available for sale, you may want to consider investing in popcorn machines that are of a higher quality, and will produce consistently high-quality popcorn. Paragon is one of the most popular manufacturers of popcorn machines, and Red Hot Restaurant Equipment is one of the companies that has Paragon's machines for sale.

They carry popcorn makers with one- or two-piece construction; the one-piece models are a glass popper attached to a wheeled cart, and while these poppers don't produce much popcorn on an hourly basis, they are aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for smaller gatherings or in-home use. The glass cubes which house the kettles and popped corn can be set on top of a counter, or on a stand which is sold separately; the tempered glass housing and stainless steel frame ensures that these popcorn machines are heavy-duty and durable. The stands are also made of sturdy commercial-grade steel, so they won't break or rust, and the red powder-coat finish is a throwback to old-fashioned popcorn makers from the early twentieth century. If you are interested in finding popcorn machines for sale, you need look no further than Red Hot Restaurant Equipment. They carry several types of Paragon popcorn machines, from the Thrifty series (which makes 92 ounces of popcorn per hour and costs around $300), to the Professional series (produces 295 ounces per hour and costs almost $1500), as well as everything in between. You can also find other equipment and accessories, such as heated dispensers for popcorn toppings. Their website,, has a full listing of all of the popcorn machines they have for sale, as well as information about ordering, shipping and policies.