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Hawaii Shaved Ice

We all dream of it: walking along the sea, sand through our newly manicured toes, sun kissing our vitamin-deprived skin…all with a Hawaii shaved ice in hand. It is the fantasy of overworked Americans from Los Angeles to New York City, San Francisco to Washington, D.C.; we all feel the allure of vacationing with a sweet little something to make our vacation time even more enjoyable.Yet we can't all get away to the Big Island. What's the solution? To be able to go to one's neighborhood deli or grocery store, and pick up an equally delicious Hawaii shaved ice. Just because you can't always get your hands on the ideal doesn't mean you can't often get something good. Small business owners love Red Hot Restaurant Equipment's selection of Hawaii shaved ice machines.

We have something for everybody. If you're a new small business owner with a limited budget and big dreams of success, try our Snowie 1100 Ice Shaver; it's just perfect! This space-saver is great for owners who want to be able to sell Hawaii shaved ice on the go, or those with modest spaces. To boot, the machine is easy, and even fun, to use! Use the foot pedal (it's hands free, folks, making the act something even a teenaged summer employee can master) to maximize production. Just pour the ice in the given container and cover it with the syrup (or syrups) of the customer's choosing; it's that simple. The whole transaction takes seconds and can yield wonderfully fruitful results. This baby can produce up to one dozen colorful, flavorful Hawaii shaved ice cups per sixty seconds! Just think of the profits you can bring in in a mere thirty minutes! How about a full sixty minutes? Even in this economy, folks are willing to splurge a little bit to enjoy themselves and, more importantly, have their kids enjoy, a little taste of heaven.

Make sure you have the proper equipment and watch your bottom line increase more and more with time. We here at Red Hot Restaurant Equipment sell only the best, most reliable equipment. We want you to be sure of that fact when you choose us (as opposed to someone else) to patronize. So, feel free to visit our website and/or give us a ring anytime you like. We can be reached-for free-at 866.945.9333. Ask us any and all of the questions you have. We'll answer you with smiles on our faces (the kind you can hear over the telephone). Trust our warranties and ability to ship expeditiously. Most of our orders can be shipped in just one day, believe it or not. And trust you're getting some of the best prices in the industry. There's no question--we know you can choose a litany of other retailers and want to do our best to earn, and then ultimately keep, your invaluable business. Purchase your top notch Hawaii shaved icemaker now and see the overwhelmingly positive results it'll bring almost immediately.