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Commercial Popcorn Machines

Commercial popcorn machines have brought joy to millions of Americans for as long as we’ve enjoyed motion pictures. Almost all of us have had the experience of quickly approaching the concession stand at our local movie theatre and tugging feverishly on our parents’ clothes, begging for them to purchase for us an enormous tub of freshly popped popcorn. There's a reason why. It's delicious. The buttery, salty goodness that's fun to toss in our mouths can be an enormous source of profits for movie theatres around the country.

Because millions don't consider the movie-watching experience complete without buying popcorn, movie theatres have a gigantic market to make the most out of.A great deal goes into attending to thousands of customers each weekend. Concession stand owners need only the highest quality commercial popcorn machines. Stocking one's concession stand with mediocre, unreliable commercial popcorn machines is no less than a recipe for disaster. Can you imagine having thousands of customers, all clamoring for hot, fresh popcorn, and not being able to take their money because your commercial popcorn machines have broken down? Coming to Red Hot Restaurant Equipment for solid commercial popcorn machines is perhaps the most prudent decision a concession stand owner can make.

Made with only the sturdiest materials, Paragon makes some of the finest commercial popcorn machines in the business. They're substantial machines, able to pop up to 35 lbs. of corn kernels. That's critically important given the nature of concession stand work. Anyone who owns a movie theatre concession stand knows well there tends not to be a steady, slow stream of customers. Scores of customers are likely to line up just before the start of a given film. Owners have to have enough to satisfy a great deal of demand in a short, concentrated period of time. Running out when people want it most both looks bad and is bad for business. Buy our products with confidence; take advantage of our warranties. We offer some of the best around. Many of our commercial popcorn machines are guaranteed for up to three full years. That's a lot of popping! And it's a sign of how confident the company is in its products.

Rest assured when you purchase a Paragon commercial popcorn machine from Red Hot Restaurant Equipment that you're getting only the best. We encourage you to give us a ring-on our dime-at 866.945.9333. Go ahead and ask us all the questions you have in mind. We'll answer them as comprehensively and quickly as we can. We want to ensure that the commercial popcorn machine you purchase from us is one with which you're entirely comfortable. We wouldn't have it any other way with our customers. After all, we want to see you come back again and again. We accept all major credit cards to facilitate the purchasing process and will accept your orders each day during business hours. We look forward to accepting your commercial popcorn machine order in the near future. Cheers to perfectly popped popcorn!